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At automation expert KUKA, this dual student is getting fit for the tasks of the future

Robots, computer science, AI: even without much prior knowledge, Tamara Muras opted for a dual study program in this field. With success: she completed her training as the best in Germany and will soon be taking her university exams.

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9 November 2023
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By Alix Sauer, published on

For Tamara Muras, one thing is certain: "I'm where a lot is happening for the future." It was therefore the right choice for the 22-year-old to embark on an apprenticeship with associated studies at the Augsburg-based automation expert KUKA. She has already graduated as an IT specialist in application development and is attending Augsburg University of Applied Sciences for two more semesters to complete her degree at the same time.

So far, she has mastered everything with great success, even completing her training as the best in Germany. Where does her motivation come from? "The field is diverse, you have different requirements from day to day," she says. "It's simply a profession for the future."

Innovative technology: Before her apprenticeship at KUKA, Tamara Muras had little knowledge of programming. Today, virtual worlds and automation are almost part of her everyday life. Image: aktiv/Stephan Puchner

She came across the specialization through career choice tests. "I took several because I didn't know where I wanted to go after school." The result: they all came up with math and computer science. She was interested in the subjects, but her grammar school in Bad Mergentheim was more oriented towards social sciences, so she knew very little about computer science.

Encouraged by the test results, Muras took a closer look at the profession: "I found artificial intelligence, which was becoming increasingly popular, fascinating, wanted to know more about it and wanted to be able to do computer science myself."

Find out how Tamara came to KUKA for her training and what her experiences have been in the full article on (German only).

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