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KUKA Systems China together with KUKA Robotics China at Beijing Welding & Cutting exhibition

Shanghai, May 2014. KUKA Systems China, together with KUKA Robotics China, will be demonstrating its welding competence at the 19th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition from June 10-13.

27 May 2014

At booth E1336  KUKA Systems China is showcasing its remote laser welding technology as well as friction welded components, including axles, wheels, cables, drive shafts, turbo chargers, prop shafts, shock absorbers, banjo axles and others.

The use of friction welding technology to join parts is continuously increasing in the Chinese automotive industry as well as the general industry. This is mainly because friction welding offers several advantages: it provides superior afterweld quality; it allows the welding of different materials, it reduces the amount of materials needed; it offers a fast welding speed (short cycle time) and it is
environmental friendly. All over the world, KUKA friction welding systems are recognized for their quality and are well established – one of the reasons why many large manufactures are using them. In China, some of the most wellknown Chinese component manufactures have purchased KUKA’s systems. Laser welding technology is also gaining ground in the automotive industry, especially for car body and car seat welding – an area in which KUKA plays a leading role in China. Using Remote Scan Heads (RSH, KUKA America), the processes for joining work pieces are significantly sped up and made more efficient, especially when working with car seats. Visitors to KUKA’s booth can get a first-hand look at the company’s welding solutions.

“KUKA’s friction welding technology is adapted by more and more Chinese manufactures. So is laser welding technology. Laser welding is the new trend of industry – a technology with the advantage of faster speed, better after-weld quality, and a more environmentally friendly performance. Last year, we took some big steps forward with both friction welding and laser welding technologies. We are very pleased to see that the Chinese market is increasingly aware of this technology and the role KUKA plays. Chinese manufactures are seeking better equipment in order to fulfill ever-increasing quality requirements. In addition, government requirements on exporting and higher safety are leading Chinese component manufactures to seek more stable and more advanced technology to support their business and keep their market share. We are expecting more and more advanced technology to be applied in the Chinese market.” says Andrew He, Technology Solution Business Director, KUKA Systems China.