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MagnetAr 620A: Smaller, Lighter, Greener

Augsburg, June 2014 – The requirements placed on production systems as well as the manufactured components are constantly increasing. At the same time, reducing rejects to almost zero and achieving processes with maximum efficiency are preconditions for winning out in times of increasing competition. As a result, high-tech welding technologies such as the MagnetArc process demand highly efficient system components. The new KUKA inverter “MagnetAr 620A” is an important milestone along this path.

18 June 2014

The MagnetArc welding process developed by KUKA Systems is in use for production around the globe. In order to continue to drive the success of this joining technology, KUKA not only assures the quality of the processes, but also continuously improves and develops the components necessary for automation. The “power supply” has always been a core component in MagnetArc welding. In this context, KUKA has focused on expanding technological capabilities, increasing efficiency and incorporating ergonomic aspects. Since the conventional technology did not prove viable in the long term, KUKA decided to develop and implement a technology that is state of the art and specially tailored.

Advantages of the new power source

Thanks to cutting-edge inverter technology, the “MagnetAr 620A” consumes up to 20% less energy when compared to the conventional MagnetArc power source. The controlled process current ensures reproducible welding results at the highest standard and is guaranteed for every supply network worldwide – regardless of frequency or voltage fluctuation. It also goes without saying that, in the event of service work, exchangeability of 100% is ensured, with replacement of a “MagnetAr 620A” requiring less than 15 minutes thanks to our Plug-and-Play solution. The parameters in such a case do not need to be adapted, and customer production can begin again immediately, thus saving both time and money when compared to the previous technology. With the earlier power source, the setpoint parameters also differed for the same welding task on different machines – presenting a significant challenge for the management of welding programs, including program maintenance. The effort required here can now be drastically reduced.

The new KUKA power source is significantly smaller and 85 percent lighter. This simplifies transportation – whether this is for shipping to your intended site or for performing an on-site exchange. Furthermore, since the power source is fully integrated into the MagnetArc machine, the need for valuable production space is reduced.