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LBR iiwa oversees ROBO-STOX Flotation

On Monday 27 October, the new ROBO-STOX fund started trading on the London Stock Exchange. The LBR iiwa was at the heart of the action, counting down the final seconds to the start of trading.

13 November 2014

ROBO-STOX is a listed, exchange traded fund for the European market that invests in a wide range of companies from the robotics and automation industry, such as KUKA.
This provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a whole branch of industry and thus profit from the fast-growing robotics and automation market. 
No robotics-related event would be complete without the LBR iiwa. The first robot ever to make an appearance at the London Stock Exchange, it played a leading role at the opening ceremony, counting down the seconds to the start of trading.

A video of the launch can be found here