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KUKA turns HLS Group to new owners

Augsburg, June 18, 2015. KUKA AG is turning the HLS Engineering Group over to financial investors from Aheim Capital and TerVia Invest. The Augsburg-based HLS Group belonged to KUKA Systems GmbH for nine years.

18 June 2015

With roughly 250 employees, the HLS Group is active in the field of engineering services for systems and mechanical engineering and has been a subsidiary of KUKA Systems GmbH. The new ownership structure of the HLS Engineering Group will see an equal share held by funds under the management of Aheim Capital GmbH and by TerVia Invest. In addition, Mr. Betz, CEO of the HLS Group, will hold an interest. KUKA Systems will continue working with the HLS Group. However, the sale will allow KUKA Systems to concentrate more on its core business.
Aheim Capital is an investment company whose funds are primarily invested in medium-sized companies. TerVia Invest is part of a family asset management company in existence since 2003 and offers long-term equity capital to medium-sized companies for expansion financing and changes in ownership. KUKA is, therefore, handing the HLS Engineering Group over to strong and responsible partners who will continue to support the sustainable growth of the HLS Group. The change in ownership also offers the HLS Group the opportunity to expand its customer base and product portfolio.