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KUKA Robotics signs memorandum of understanding with ITW Welding

At Hannover Messe 2016, KUKA Roboter GmbH signed a memorandum of understanding with ITW Welding, a leading North American manufacturer of welding Equipment.

19 May 2016

Partnership for ready-to-use arc welding robots

Stefan Lampa (CEO of KUKA Roboter GmbH) and Tim Temby (Group President of ITW Welding) signed the memorandum live at the KUKA booth together with Kenneth E. Hyatt (U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade). By doing so, they laid the foundation for offering application-specific, high-quality and ready-to-use (R2U) welding robots with ITW equipment on an international scale.

Interface for optimizing the welding process

The cooperation is focused on the development of a common interface meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 This will enable the collection and analysis of process-relevant data from the robot and welding equipment. The welding process can thus be continuously optimized. ITW Welding encompasses various brands, such as Miller (power sources), Horbart (consumables) and Tregaskiss (welding torches). 
Watch the video to see how the KUKA robot uses the welding equipment to weld the signatures from the memorandum of understanding onto a stainless steel plate.