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KUKA robots automate the painting process at Hannex

Polish painting company Hannex chose the KUKA KR AGILUS small robot to automate its paint shops. The reliability, flexibility, efficiency and precision as well as the excellent service were convincing arguments. The benefits of this decision reach beyond the production line.

The Polish family company Hannex, established in 1996, initially specialized in car painting, but soon broadened the scope of its services. In 2010, Samsung became Hannex’s client, a very demanding client both in terms of quality and capacity. In 2015, the decision to automate the paint shops was finally made, and KUKA robots were chosen to do so. The great reputation of KUKA, its experience with automation, the features of the robots and its easy programmability as well as the great service support were major reasons for that choice.
The inversely mounted KUKA KR AGILUS at Hannex sprays paint with excellent precision and speed.

KUKA robots create more and better jobs

The KR AGILUS with a payload of up to 10 kilograms and a reach of up to 1101 millimeters was a convincing offer with its high speed, long reach, extreme precision and reassuring reliability. With this leap in achievable quality and capacity, new orders and customers came. This also meant that not a single Hannex employee has been made redundant in the process. Instead, the sprayers took classes in robotics and became supervisors of the automated painting process. Unsurprisingly, company director Krzysztof Iwanicki is pleased: “We recommend this solution to all entrepreneurs considering automation process. It is the first step towards achieving success similar to that of Hannex.”