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A look into KUKA’s innovation showcase for automated joining technology: the two divisions, KUKA Robotics and KUKA Industries, will be exhibiting their broad product portfolio at the joint booth. Custom-tailored solutions for the metalworking and automotive industries will take center stage. The international flagship trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN has been the most important global event for the metalworking industry for 65 years and will be held in Düsseldorf from 25 to 29 September.

26 July 2017

The metalworking industry: automated solutions keeping pace with new requirements 

KUKA can draw on many years of experience in the metalworking industry. Whether forspot welding, arc welding or laser welding – or even for the foundry industry – customers build on the expertise of KUKA. “The degree of vertical integration is increasing at automotive suppliers in particular. KUKA offers the right solutions for this,” says Werner Angerer, Application Product Manager at KUKA Robotics. KUKA Robotics and KUKA Industries will present a comprehensive selection of robot components, welding robots, software packages and solutions to the trade fair visitors in Duesseldorf. 

KUKA Industries: smart welding production 

Keeping abreast of the times: KUKA Industries will be showcasing its expertise in welding through the example of a smart factory. Fully in line with the production philosophy of Industrie 4.0, trade fair visitors will experience a simulated manufacturing environment incorporating three technologies: laser cutting, spot welding and arc welding. Naturally, all the data here are recorded and made accessible to the specialist audience – optionally also through a QR code for cell phones:

  • General  system status
  • Process data on the current state of the component
  • Overview of production, including the weld quality of the component
  • Messages about maintenance requirements
Arc welding cell from KUKA for highest quality
Siegfried Heissler, Vice President of ARCLAS at KUKA Industries, knows that “the intelligent networking of production-relevant components is the next important stage of development in automation. Product cycles are becoming shorter and products more differentiated and customized. Standardized processes for mass production are at an end.” 

KUKA Robotics: Expertise and diversity for metalworking processes

The core component of one of the modular cells is the new KUKA ready2_spot package. This allows customers to quickly and easily implement spot welding applications for joining steel and aluminum parts. A further highlight at the KUKA trade fair booth is the KUKA.ServoGun BASIC software technology package. It enables maximum process quality and simplifies the programming of spot welding applications with servo guns.  
Fast and uncomplicated integration of robots for spot welding with KUKA ready2_spot