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KUKA Division Automotive at the AMTS 2018 in China

From July 4-7, KUKA Division Automotive China presents innovative solutions for the automotive industry at the AMTS 2018 in Shanghai.

15 June 2018

KUKA will present smart automation solutions for the automotive industry in booth E3-J03 and W5-J012. In the Robotics and Car Body Hall in booth E3-J03KUKA will show the visitors intelligent solutions for robots, body structure, assembly and test as well as intelligent logistic solutions. Furthermore in booth W5-J012, located in the EVtech World, KUKA will showcase its automation solution for battery assembly. In addition to the innovative exhibits visitors are invited to join interesting lectures, online events and presentations on innovative technical topics.

LBR iiwa

The LBR iiwa demonstrates its sensitivity, flexibility and accuracy with a gearbox assembly demo. In this demo, the LBR iiwa clamps the gear ring from the bracket and installs it in the clutch, which requires maximal installation accuracy.

The LBR iiwa performs work with 100% accuracy and reliability. Human and robot coexist safely in the same workspace. Visitors can thus join the work and experience the complexity and difficulty of the robot's work up close. 

Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 is another core technology that will be an important topic on the AMTS. The focus here is on the innovative KUKA Connect software, which simplifies and reduces the increasing administrative effort involved in production. This software meets demand of factory management of future production and will show benefits that right interconnection will bring. 

The automotive industry is currently undergoing rapid changes under the impact of new energies, the internet and the share economy. This creates new opportunities and challenges. With key technologies and solutions like Industrie 4.0 and the factory of tomorrow, KUKA provides its customers with decisive competetive advantages.

Battery & ready2_use

KUKA also presents flexible production solutions in the battery production, which are used in the automotive industry. One focus is battery production: intelligent automation solutions for the production of cylindrical, soft-pack and hard-shell batteries will be presented. Our experts will be glad to explain the solution in detail. 

The pre configured and coordinated KUKA ready2_use packages can be quickly integrated into your production and enable intelligent and more efficient production of modular and scalable automatic storage systems.