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KUKA restructures subdivision in the Robotics segment

Future-proof business model in economically challenging times: KUKA is restruc-turing a subdivision in the Robotics segment that is responsible for automated manufacturing solutions such as cells and special machines.

11 December 2019

This restructuring was announced in September in conjunction with the adjustment of the forecast for fiscal year 2019. The management team of KUKA Robotics has now submitted a corresponding concept.

A sustainable business model is being developed for this Robotics subdivision, which is responsible for project business and has a total of about 735 employees based in Augsburg and Obernburg (Franconia). There are also plans to reduce up to 165 jobs in Obernburg and up to 90 jobs in Augsburg. The objective is for the subdivision to operate with a simpler structure, improving its performance, making it more competitive and day-to-day operations more efficient. The details will be hammered out in the coming months in close coordination with the employee representatives. The economic development in this subdivision has already been tense for some years, and this is now compounded by the current economic uncertainty.

“The subdivision, with its locations in Obernburg and Augsburg, is and remains to be an important part of the Robotics strategy. Expertise will be concentrated more locally, with Obernburg being further developed to become a center of excellence for standard cells,” said Klaus König, Chairman of the Board of Management of KUKA Robotics. “Together with the employee representatives, we are working to make the job cuts fair for those affected. We know that this is a difficult situation and therefore wish to complete the negotiations as quickly and diligently as possible. We are convinced that the restructuring is the right course to enable the unit to work profitably in the future and make a long-term contribution to the success of KUKA.”

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