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Secure your production for the long term with the new KR C4 upgrade packages from KUKA

With the new KR C4 upgrade packages, you receive all the latest functions of KUKA.SystemSoftware KSS/VSS 8.6. This ensures the longest possible support from Microsoft through 2029 and makes your production secure for the future.

25 May 2020

Invest in the future. Upgrade the KUKA robot controller
operating system

Orange KUKA robots are usually the focus of any application, stealing the spotlight from the robot controllers. But the inconspicuous control cabinets, together with a PC and the appropriate software, form the heart and brain of every robot unit. Over 100,000 KUKA robot systems of the KR C4 generation worldwide use KUKA.SystemSoftware (KSS 8.x) in various releases. However, from the middle of 2020 Microsoft has decided to restrict support and the supply of updates for Windows 7, which serves as the basis for many computers. 

Support for Windows 7 ends in October 2020 after more than ten years

After more than ten years, support for Windows 7 will end on October 2020, creating potential security vulnerabilities in the corporate networks of many users. Upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system will be the best way to maintain a secure computer network and access to the full range of new software. KUKA robot systems are renowned for their long service life. The availability and safety of the systems are our top priority. Therefore, KUKA is offering convenient packages to help make the changeover easy.

The upgrade packages for our KUKA.SystemSoftware make it easier than ever for our customers to keep their robot controllers safe and flexible in the long term.

Michael Molke, Consultant Inside Sales Customer Services

Which package would you like? Offers beyond the update of the KUKA operating system

"We want to make the changeover to the latest release of KSS 8.6 with Windows 10 as easy and affordable as possible for our customers", says Michael Molke, Consultant Inside Sales Customer Service at KUKA. For many users, changing the operating system also means a hardware upgrade. "Because many computers are not compatible with Windows 10, we have put together various pre-configured packages that are optimally suited to the needs of our customers." 

The Basic package is primarily intended for systems that are to be set up from scratch, or for application environments such as test areas, training facilities or pre-series production. "We only replace the hard disk or, if necessary, the computer and install the latest software," explains Michael Molke. The Advanced package includes a conversion of existing programs and an update of the fieldbus configuration, while the Pro package includes extensive adaptations and an update of the specific configuration.
  • Upgrade_Basic

    All state-of-the-art: The package includes all modifications of hardware and software to modernize your KR C4 robot system. Advanced programming and configurations are left to your on-site experts.   

    • Exchange of the control PC
    • Exchange of the hard drive (SSD)
    • Update to KSS/VSS 8.6.x
    • Update of technology package
    • Creation of new identification plates and circuit diagrams
  • Upgrade_Advanced

    Contains all the services of the _Basic upgrade package. In addition, the engineering services required for programming and configuration are also carried out. The robot system is again fully functional following the upgrade.

    • + Program conversion and functional test on the office PC
    • + Field bus configuration
    • + Program tests in manual mode
    • + Automatic test
    • + Update of the machine data configuration of the additional axes
  • Upgrade_Pro

    Includes all the services of the _Basic and _Advanced upgrade packages. Beyond this, large application programs, a complex technology package as well as technologies for safe operation (e.g. KUKA.SafeOperation) are covered in order to ensure that your specific characteristics are taken into account.

    • + Update of a complex technology package
    • + Update of the KUKA.SafeOperation configuration

Long-term investment security guaranteed

After the upgrade, which includes additional functions, customers will benefit from long-term planning security. Microsoft has assured support for Windows 10 through 2029. The latest KUKA.SystemSoftware is compatible with all robot mechanics of the KR C4 controller generation; and the transition to the new KR CS robot controller generation is also taking place smoothly because Release KSS 8.6 for the KR C4 and Release 8.7 for the KR CS are almost identical. If necessary, KUKA’s sales staff will clarify which package is optimal, but an upgrade will always be worthwhile.

Download the brochure with further information about the KSS/VSS upgrade now

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