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KUKA receives the Visionary Industry 4.0 Award

At the beginning of the year, the Visionary Industry 4.0 Award came from Dallas to Augsburg. The award was presented to Dr. Christian Liedtke, Head of Strategic Alliances at KUKA, for numerous user presentations on the topic of Industry 4.0 during SAP's "Spend Connect Live" event in Dallas, Texas.

17 March 2023

Networking in focus: SAP Spend Connect

 "The award is a symbol of appreciation for our long and intensive collaboration with SAP. They see KUKA as a visionary in this field," says Dr. Liedtke. SAP has exclusively honored the Augsburg-based automation specialist KUKA with this award. The "Spend  Connect" is a major SAP event where customers report on their solutions using SAP products, share experiences and network with each other.
Delighted with the award: Dr. Christian Liedtke and Dr. Quirin Görz with the Visionary Industry 4.0 Award, which KUKA received from SAP at SAP's Spend Connect Live event in Dallas. 

KUKA and SAP: A long-standing partnership

"Together we are stronger. This is generally true when it comes to driving digitization in industry - and it is also evident in our close collaboration with SAP. It is therefore important to maintain this partnership. We are very pleased about this esteeming award," says Dr. Quirin Goerz, CIO at KUKA.

KUKA and SAP have maintained a strong partnership for several years. Among other things, new and higher-level software systems have been developed in close cooperation to make a major contribution to industrial digitalization. With the help of these software solutions, KUKA can optimally adapt to all customer requirements and support customers in their digital transformation. As a user, KUKA has often been able to participate in SAP events in the past.. As a user, KUKA was often able to participate in SAP events in the past. Numerous presentations and the good cooperation, which is mainly carried by Christian Liedtke, strengthened the cohesion more and more. The appreciation of this collaboration with SAP is also reflected in the award.

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