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Perspectives through encounter and further training

Robotics course for Ukrainian refugees

Carolin Hort
10 November 2022
Reading Time: 2 min.

Since the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine in February of this year, many people have become involved in helping. KUKA and the Orange Care association founded by KUKA employees are also running projects to support those suffering from the war. The association Deutsch-Ukrainischer Dialog e.V. is now launching a special project in which robots play a central role. 

Assemble a real robot and then program it: This is what Maximilian Kruse, robotics trainer at KUKA College Augsburg, and his colleagues from the association Deutsch-Ukrainischer Dialog e.V. are initiating with the support of OrangeApps GmbH and KUKA. 

"We believe that education enables integration. That's why we offer various courses, such as learning German and getting a job. We have also already organized researcher afternoons together with the University of Augsburg and the DLR-Schoollab. And now we are launching the robotics course. Dialog and cooperation promote social coexistence," says Maximilian Kruse. The project starts on November 28.

Daniel Schmidt, CEO of OrangeApps presents Maximilian Kruse, robotics trainer at KUKA College Augsburg, with a building block robot.
Daniel Schmidt, CEO of OrangeApps and Maximilian Kruse, Robotics Trainer at KUKA College Augsburg at the handover of the building block robots. 

Build and program your own robot in the robotics course

Two afternoons a week, children and young people aged 12 and over, as well as adults, are invited to build and program their own robot. 
At fixed training times of two to two-and-a-half hours per afternoon, a robot is first assembled out of clamping bricks. This is produced by OrangeApps GmbH and - although it is naturally smaller than its large orange colleagues - behaves like a real 6-axis robot. 

KUKA is supporting the project by providing the software for programming: KUKA.OfficeLite is almost identical to the KUKA KR C4 and KR C5 system software: programming the small building block robot is therefore exactly the same as programming a large one.  

The course takes place at the Begegnungszentrum des Vereins Deutsch-Ukrainischer Dialog e.V. at Augsburger Königsplatz and runs for about six months. Special previous knowledge is not necessary. The course is in German, a German-Ukrainian interpreter is on site during all training sessions.

Sign of the meeting center of the association Deutsch-Ukrainischer Dialog e.V. at Königsplatz in Augsburg.

Maximilian Kruse explains: "We want to introduce the participants to robotics in a practical way. Because we want to create perspectives. For each and every one of them personally. Also in terms of their professional careers."

At the end of the project, therefore, another highlight awaits the participants: At KUKA College, they will be able to transfer their knowledge to the large robots and immerse themselves in the world of automation. 

Robotics course for Ukrainian refugees

More about the project and the possibility to register can be found directly on the website of the German-Ukrainian Dialog e.V. association.

About the association

The German-Ukrainian Dialog e.V. is committed to promoting German-Ukrainian cooperation and deepening international relations on a cultural, societal, economic and social level in Augsburg. It was founded in March 2022 in Augsburg.  

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