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Smart energy solutions can provide answers for a way out of the energy crisis and for more energy efficiency and less CO2.

What are Smart Energy solutions?

It’s what everyone is looking for – the way out of the energy crisis. More energy efficiency, less CO2 and of course cost, cost, cost. But does Smart Energy really provide the decisive answer? What exactly is behind this new solution approach? How do companies benefit from this in concrete terms? A conversation with Device Insight CTO Thomas Stammeier.

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14 March 2023
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By Alexandra Luchtai

By Alexandra Luchtai

The year 2023 is all about consolidation in the IoT market. IoT platforms such as those from Google, IBM or SAP will not be continued and so many are rightly asking: "Is the hype around the Internet of Things already over again?" From our point of view, this is not the case; rather, a further development is emerging in the handling of the technology, as Computerwoche confirms in its article. The focus of value creation has shifted from IoT platforms to IoT applications. In concrete terms, this means that providers must be technologically broadly positioned on the one hand in order to integrate all required and newly added features in their platforms and to be able to process data in a meaningful way.

On the other hand, they must also be in a position to provide individual advice on what opportunities and business potential exist in the user industries, what can be implemented with the help of IoT & cloud technologies, and ultimately what also makes economic sense. The first providers have already successfully begun this balancing act.

Interview: CTO Thomas Stammeier explains the functionality and benefits of smart energy software for companies.
Interview: CTO Thomas Stammeier explains the functionality and benefits of Smart Energy software for business.

However, many companies have first-generation IoT solutions and are now facing challenges. Are you too?

Learn more on the blog of our IoT specialist Device Insight:

What experience and results have already been achieved? And how can companies get started with Smart Energy? Read the full interview on the blog of our IoT specialist Device Insight

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Alexandra Luchtai writes regularly about technology innovations, latest projects and market insights around IoT, IIoT and any kind of smart products connected by IoT specialist and KUKA subsidiary Device Insight

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