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Training meets Future

The world of work is changing rapidly. The curriculum in schools can barely keep up with it. How KUKA is using modern training to make young people fit for the technologies of tomorrow.

Ramona Treffler
20 March 2023
Reading Time: 2 min.

Almost 62% of Germans believe that new technologies such as robotics represent an opportunity for Germany as a business location. At the same time, 77% feel that children and young people are not sufficiently prepared for such a working world in school, and 57% would support a greater focus on technologies such as robotics in the curricula. These were the findings of a representative Civey survey commissioned by KUKA.

It seems that Germany is missing out on properly preparing the next generation for the future. That's why KUKA is thinking about what life and work will look like in the future: After all, KUKA's goal is to make robotics simple and available to everyone. It is therefore all the more important to familiarize young people with this topic and prepare them for the technologies of the future. Therefore, modern training and exchange with educational institutions are important building blocks in KUKA's vision of the future.

The fact that this is not just a plan on a PowerPoint slide, but is put into practice, is shown by the consistently great achievements of our trainees: KUKA's Tamara Muras, for example, completed her dual study program as the best IT specialist in all of Germany. And she is not the first person with this great achievement to be trained at KUKA. But what makes training at KUKA so special?

Theory meets Practice

The German training system stands out in a global comparison because it is made up of a dual system. This means that, on the one hand, trainees are at vocational school, where they acquire theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, they are also active in a company, where they complete the practical part of their training and can apply theoretical knowledge immediately.

During vocational training at KUKA, there are opportunities to participate in robotics programming courses as well as stays abroad and English language courses, among other things.

Tradition meets Innovation

Training has a long tradition at KUKA. Shortly after the company was founded in 1898, training was also provided at KUKA. Much has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: Training is oriented toward future trends. This is demonstrated not least by the investment in a state-of-the-art training center, where around 200 trainees and students are trained on workbenches with tablets or with state-of-the-art tools such as virtual welding, among other things. 

Discover our training center on a 3D-tour

Everyday Life meets Variety

In addition to regular training, KUKA offers its young talents many other attractive opportunities, such as a stay abroad, an English language course, robotics programming courses, first aid courses or joint introductory days for the trainees in a relaxed environment. 

Qualification meets Personality

Last but not least, it is not only professional qualifications that decide which young colleagues join KUKA, but also the personal component: If it's a good fit on a personal level, it's usually also a good fit on a professional level. 


Interested? Here you can find all the information about training or dual studies at KUKA.

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