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KUKA robots for high payloads tend machine tools

Three KUKA robots from the KR QUANTEC pro family are in operation at the plant of Bizerba SE & Co. KG. They guarantee that aluminum housings are reliably fed to two grinding machines where they are rough and fine-ground and polished. The aluminum housings are used for sausage cutting machines.

31 May 2017

Three KR QUANTEC robots grind and polish

The pre-milled aluminum housings are fed to the first KR 120 R2500 pro from the KR QUANTEC family by means of a sliding table system. This robot reliably handles the housings at two grinding machines which rough and fine-grind the housings. The ground, unfinished parts are then offloaded again via the sliding table. An operator transfers them to the two other robots. These give the unfinished parts a final grind and polish them at separate polishing machines.

KR 120 R2500 pro robots grind and polish aluminum housings.

Robots for high payloads ease employee workload and increase productivity

The automation solution has not only led to an increase of 15 percent in employee productivity at Bizerba, but easing the workload on the personnel has also significantly reduced sick leave.

The KR QUANTEC pro is optimized for high payloads between 90 and 120 kilograms.