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KUKA edutainment

Learning by having fun with the aid of robots - KUKA robots lend themselves perfectly to this trend.

The skillful combination of education and entertainment is a trend practiced by many science centers, event agencies, organizers and exhibitors. A KUKA robot is an attraction which draws the crowds in next to no time.

It allows complex processes and motion sequences to be presented successfully with a strong appeal to audiences. Six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) make things that seemed impossible come true. Trade fairs such as AUTOMATICA have already used KUKA robots for edutainment purposes.

The Hot Wire – your hotline to robotics

Fun and excitement – while also learning about robots – that is the KUKA Hot Wire. In this game of dexterity, the challenge is to guide a ring along a thin, bent metal tube from start to finish, without the ring touching the tube.

Be careful! An alarm sounds whenever the wire makes contact. A short briefing is all it takes, and anyone can test their skill with the easy-to-use KUKA Control Panel. In this task, the KUKA robot shows just how sensitively it can be moved and how simple it is to operate.

The Hot Wire can also be used as a hands-on experience for an introduction to robot programming. How about a programming competition in which the contestants have to get from start to finish as quickly as possible?

Spielerische Robotersteuerung mit dem "heißen Draht" von KUKA.

KUKA steals the show

Amazed visitors at science centers or at events: instead of the dexterous hands of an actor, it is a KUKA KR 15 robot with a pneumatic gripper that moves the delicate wires of a marionette from the Augsburger Puppenkiste puppet theater. Large crowds form, confirming the major appeal of this performance.

So it’s good to know that both the motion sequences and the scenery and puppet can be adapted to the intended purpose of the presentation. For performances in front of large audiences, there is a presentation package consisting of a camera and large-format screen available for rent.

Der KUKA Roboter bewegt die Marionetten der Augsburger Puppenkiste mit viel Feingefühl.
Coming soon – maybe also to your attraction: a KUKA robot as a crowd-puller for science centers, shopping malls and events.

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