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Robotic welding with KUKA at the company Zapamet

Robotics process automation is increasingly spreading, but there is still much to do in Poland when it comes to the knowledge on the future of robotics. Zapamet wants to promote the benefits from using robots. The company created a unique presentation and educational workplace in its headquarters.

The term ‘robotics process automation’ has become very popular in recent years

More and more companies worldwide notice the potential and benefits that the automation of processes offers them. Most robots are in operation in China, Japan, South Korea, the United States of America and Germany. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), these countries generate more than half of the worldwide sales of industrial robots. In Poland, robots are also becoming more important. Zapamet owner Piotr Ziętek, a company constructing advanced industrial applications based on KUKA robots, claims that the key to the development of robotics in Poland is to consistently broaden its awareness. The owner of Zapamet wants to promote robotics by close cooperation with the Polish branch of KUKA. 

How to promote the future of robotics?

"I started to think about creating a presentation workplace with KUKA robots to draw clients' attention to our solutions in general", says Piotr Ziętek. "Our company delivers robotic applications tailored to the client’s needs. First and foremost, these are customers operating in the automotive industry. Applications which we develop for them are very sophisticated welding solutions. Robotic devices are perceived as a standard in the automotive industry. Now we want to show our solutions to those who still haven't much knowledge that robots can pay off."

Robotic welding with the KUKA cell4_Arc production cell.

We also want to educate young people. We would like to show students how to use a robot. We are addressing students of mechatronics, automation and robotics faculties who can visit us and get familiar with robots. We need to think about future personnel.

Piotr Ziętek, owner of Zapamet

Support for young specialists in robotic welding

A representative workplace with a KUKA robot at Zapamet headquarters is also supposed to support the development of young specialists already working for the company. One of them is Sonia Cyba, who works as technologist-welder. She is a graduate of production engineering who undergoes supplementary education as part of her postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Silesia. Sonia Cyba intends to carry out aluminium welding tests at the workplace, which are to be the basis of her postgraduate thesis.


Sonia Cyba, specialist for robotic welding at Zapamet

Learning robotic welding processes in practice

The show room will allow young specialists to carry out tests and gain experience. They can start with simple tests and program more complex applications in the future. Organize robotic workplaces at universities, where students could learn how to use robots in practice, has been difficult in the past. Gaining experience in the show room is a good way to gather knowledge for someone who just started to learn this profession.

Mateusz Sekuła, automation specialist and software developer at Zapamet as well as the designer of the show room, is very happy with it. "It will allow us to present our clients the possibilities that robotic welding provides", says the engineer. It also means growth for us. We will be able, amongst others, to carry out tests concerning the welding of difficult materials such as aluminium or titanium. The show room itself will be futher developed in the future. "If we want to expand its possibilities, e.g. if a client is interested in more developed automation, we can also do this."

Mateusz Sekuła, Automatics Specialist and Software Developer at Zapamet, and Tomasz Nowak, Director KUKA Poland

Advantages of KUKA robots in robotic welding 

The field of companies showing interest in robotic welding machines is wide. Possibilities offered by KUKA robots in this area are wide as well. Their strenghth is highest accuracy, which allows for achieving an ideally welded joint. Advantages of KUKA welding machines are also user-friendly operation and relatively low costs of use, as well as the availability of compatible welding equipment, amongst others, from Fronius, which has been one of the leaders in the market for years. Tomasz Nowak, Director of KUKA Polska, sees a chance for development of KUKA robots in the Zapamet initiative, in particular concerning difficult materials.

KUKA and Zapamet discussing about the future of robotics

KUKA supports the initiative for the future of robotics

"As KUKA, we support processes regarding robots and software. However, specialist in these processes are our system partners, such as Zapamet, using our equipment  to create customized applications", underlines Tomasz Nowak. "Such cooperation translates into the growth of both parties. I like the idea of the Zapamet showroom. On the one hand, it means development of possibilities concerning welding of difficult materials. On the other hand, it means education for young graduates of robotics faculties. As a global leader and manufacturer of industrial robots, KUKA always supports such initiatives."

Mining company interested in robotic process automation

A room with a KUKA robot is already in place at Zapamet. Works to complete the workplace are in process. The first company already  awaits the start. It is a mining company that is interested in a welding application with a KUKA robot. The company Zapamet was established in 2013. The company’s team consists of experienced specialist in welding, machining, automation and 2D and 3D designing. The Zapamet headquarters are in Rzuchów, Silesian Voivodeship.
Adward for Zapamet from KUKA for the debut of the year

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