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KUKA LBR grippers

KUKA LBR grippers are intelligent and sensitive robot end effectors for the LBR iiwa. In our gripper range you will find the right end effector for any gripping task – whether pneumatic or electric.

LBR grippers: overview of the KUKA portfolio

The KUKA gripper portfolio offers you the right gripper as an end effector for any gripping task:

  • KUKA sensitive LBR gripper for three different media flanges
  • KUKA pneumatic long-stroke gripper for two different media flanges

Advantages of the LBR grippers

With our LBR gripper portfolio, you can get to grips with anything. Their special design makes our grippers extremely flexible, precise and safe.

  • Functions enabling human-robot collaboration
    There is no hazard whatever to the human operator due to the edge-free and rounded design. It is also possible to limit the gripping force to 140 newtons during collaboration instead of the maximum available force of 1000 newtons. Limitation for the pneumatic gripper is carried out using a sealed overpressure valve. For the sensitive gripper, fail-safe jaws are used. These are released in the case of a higher force, disabling the motion.
  • Efficient and light
    All grippers are characterized by a compact design and low weight – making for excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency as well.
  • Settable gripping force
    In the case of the pneumatic gripper, the gripping force can be infinitely adjusted up to the limit of 140 newtons on the ready-to-connect controller supplied. For the sensitive LBR gripper, the gripping force is specified via the controller.
  • Fast integration
    Using the connecting cables supplied, the grippers can be integrated into the flexFELLOW or your system quickly and easily.
  • Easy start-up
    Start working with the grippers right away - using the KUKA Sunrise.Gripper Toolbox: this assists you with the software setup and provides you with a simple programming interface for your applications.

The sensitive LBR gripper

The sensitive LBR gripper from KUKA is the first gripper to facilitate use in HRC applications on account of its form and special jaw covers. Both the operator and the workpiece are optimally protected: injuries caused by the housing are precluded on account of the edge-free and rounded design.

You can additionally control the gripping force sensitively and limit it mechanically by means of safety jaws to values that will not cause injury. This causes the gripper fingers to be automatically uncoupled when a defined force is exceeded. In addition, the drive train of the gripper is blocked. The function is reversible: once you have activated the safety function and manually recoupled the gripper fingers, you can use the gripper again immediately.

The fully integrated controller provides absolute flexibility in the operating mode – the position, speed and gripping force can be freely selected. Various electric media flanges are supported (see scope of supply).

Robot grijpers
The sensitive LBR gripper on the LBR iiwa

Scope of supply for the sensitive LBR gripper

The following components are included in the scope of supply:

  • Compatible media flanges: electric or touch electric or inside electric
  • Gripper mechanism with integrated controller
  • Connecting cables for bus and energy (gripper to robot, robot to controller)
  • Simple integration and control with KUKA sunrise.Gripper Toolbox
  • Optional: safety jaws, flexible adaptive gripper fingers, KUKA flexFELLOW, KUKA LBR iiwa, Sunrise Cabinet including control cables for the robot

You will find additional components in the supplementary portfolio. Also find out about our flexFELLOW series and the possibilities that arise through the combination of a mobile unit and the LBR iiwa. 

The pneumatic long-stroke gripper

The pneumatic long-stroke gripper from KUKA turns the LBR iiwa into the extended arm of the human operator. At the same time, the human is protected at the shared workplace. Two variants with a variable stroke and different gripping force and function are available:
  • Gripping force is limited to 140 newtons by pressure reduction
  • Stroke per jaw: 40 millimeters
  • Gripper function: internal and external
  • Closing time for total stroke: 163 milliseconds
  • Product weight: approx. 820 grams
  • Flange distance: 41.8 millimeters
Robot grijpers
The long-stroke gripper IO pneumatic from KUKA
The pneumatic long-stroke gripper is also available as a Touch variant.
  • Product weight: approx. 1000 grams 
  • Flange distance (flange mounting surface – gripper finger mounting surface): 69.8 millimeters
Robot grijpers
The long-stroke gripper touch pneumatic from KUKA

Scope of supply of the pneumatic LBR gripper

The following components are included in the scope of supply for both variants of the pneumatic LBR gripper from KUKA:
Gripper mechanism
Compatible media flanges: IO pneumatic, touch pneumatic
Proximity switches for detecting the states: gripper open, gripper closed, component gripped
Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical interface
All required pneumatic components preinstalled on a mounting plate, suitable for KUKA flexFELLOW with pneumatic drawer
Easy start-up using sunrise.Gripper Toolbox
Optional: adaptive flexible gripper fingers, KUKA flexFELLOW, KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise Cabinet
Additional options are available in our supplementary portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
The pneumatic components are delivered pre-assembled on a mounting plate.

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