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KUKA is further developing the KR AGILUS series

The small robots of the KR AGILUS series feature impressive speed, extreme agility in confined spaces, short cycle times and maximum precision. KUKA has now further developed the service-proven KR AGILUS sixx. With effect from the end of the year, the next generation of the KR AGILUS will be replacing all standard variants of the small robot.

5 September 2017

This is what the new generation of KR AGILUS small robots, with a payload capacity of six or ten kilograms, looks like.

New KR AGILUS generation with protection rating IP67

Each of the new KR AGILUS robots meets the requirements of protection rating IP67 and is thus protected against water spray. For applications with lubricants or coolants, there will still be a special Waterproof (WP) variant. The other variants, such as Cleanroom, Atex protection – for potentially explosive environments – and Hygienic Machine are also still available.

White as the new standard color of the robot

Like the KR 3 AGILUS, the new KR AGILUS will also be supplied in white. As in the past, other colors can also be implemented on request. White is the color that best enables the robot to blend into the production environments of its primary target market: the electronics industry in Asia. The small robot will also still be of interest to customers in General Industry (GI) worldwide, standing out, as it does, for its speed and precision.

Small robots with a payload capacity of six or ten kilograms.

As the big brother of the KR 3 AGILUS, the new KR AGILUS will feature a payload capacity of six or ten kilograms. Its reach ranges from 700 to 1100 millimeters. The small robot can be installed on the floor, the ceiling or the wall. Just like the first generation of the KR AGILUS, the second generation will also be equipped with the KUKA KR C4 compact controller.

In the new KR AGILUS, our customers can look forward to a small robot that we have further developed with our customary quality. The new and improved position of the energy supply system is just one example of the many details on the robot that have been enhanced.

Christoph Schaible, Product Manager.