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KUKA SmartProduction

KUKA SmartProduction makes your production line ready for the future. By intelligently and securely connecting all manufacturing machines to the cloud, we increase your production efficiency and process quality in a sustainable manner.

KUKA SmartProduction as a software for intelligent networking

Production lines consist of numerous sensors, actuators, network components, and lots more. Virtually all these integrated “things” are potentially valuable information providers, since processes depend on the interaction of various components and peripheral properties. If the aim is to use data not only to optimize individual components, but also to increase process quality, they must be intelligently processed and visualized together. KUKA SmartProduction gives system operators access to the information of process-relevant machines for evaluation – in compliance, of course, with the highest security standards and clear data association.

The cloud as a central storage

KUKA SmartProduction ensures easy, seamless, and manufacturer-independent cross-sector linkage of all production machines in the cloud. Designed for maximum freedom, KUKA SmartProduction can be deployed across different hardware and software landscapes. KUKA solution’s standardized interfaces and future-proof architecture make it the ideal IoT platform for enterprises in all markets and sectors.

Industrial Automation: All processes can be controlled via the IPad
KUKA SmartProduction lets you easily digitize your processes and make them accesible via the cloud.

A new level of digitization

KUKA SmartProduction enables all enterprises to consistently digitize whole cells and production lines. It creates an interoperable network, in which micro services and Big Data analyses can be used to analyze and lastingly improve manufacturing efficiency, quality, and flexibility. With our open platform we offer component manufacturers, system integrators, and machine operators an additional channel for value-added services and applications for the manufacturing industry.

Connecting and digitizing processes sustainably increases your production efficiency and quality.

Use Case I: Cloud connection with KUKA SmartConnect.frictionwelding

Thanks to the Software KUKA SmartConnect.frictionwelding, the connected Genius friction welding machine can communicate in the Cloud. Thus, the user can access machine, production and process data everywhere and anytime.

Data can be retrieved and automatically analyzed via a secure Internet connection in real time and worldwide. The responsible persons are able to receive messages about critical machine conditions.

Status data can be viewed via PC, notebook or even smartphone. This is possible by using the standardized Industrie 4.0 standard OPC UA and the KUKA Remote Service Box, on which the edge gateway adjusts the control and data communication with the cloud. The production can be monitored live, maintenance predictions can be made and errors can be detected and corrected more quickly.

The application is a component of the KUKA SmartProduction Cloud, which allows customers to keep an overview of the data of all individual components of their production line.

  • Expert Analytics

    The Expert Analytics provide deep analytics data for the introduction of optimization measures.

    All available data points and triggered events are presented in a time diagram for the entire duration and can be compared with each other.

    Data export for further analytics is possible.

  • Process Monitor

    The Process Monitor provides extensive data about the current welding process that are relevant for quality assessment.

    Additionally, the corresponding machine setup and process settings can be retrieved.

  • Production Monitor

    The Production Monitor shows an overview of the production and the relevant performance indicators, as well as the quality of the component and the weld.

  • Rule Editor

    With the Rule Editor, rules for status-oriented maintenance can be defined. They can be easily created from data points and rule elements via Drag & Drop - no programming knowledge is needed.

    When a defined event occurs, the rules will be send to the responsible person via e-mail oder SMS.

  • Service Monitor (Maintenance)

    The service monitor provides the maintenance staff an overview of upcoming maintenance services according to the maintenance manual (preventive maintenance).

    With the new function of status-oriented maintenance and the use of intelligent sensors, a prediction of the acutally incurring maintenance date is made based on the status and utilization of the machine. Savings due to Industrie 4.0 become immediately apparent.

  • Service Monitor (Messages)

    In the Service Monitor, current machine messages are displayed.

    The statistics about the top 10 messages allow for a comprehensive analysis for deriving measures.

  • Status overview

    This overview provides general asset and status data about the machine as well as current machine date in real-time.

  • Video Process Surveillance

    By activating the KUKA Remote Service, the welding process can be followed live with a camera.

    Errors can be detected more easily and optimization measures can be taken.

SmartProduction Cell with IIoT Platform

With a fully automated and networked robotic cell with two integrated Heller machining centers, KUKA connects the analog and digital world of smart production.

A KR 500 L480-3MT robot picks up cast components using pneumatic grippers and presents them to one of the Heller machining centers. After the components have been drilled and milled, they are deburred in the outer position by the robot and subsequently unloaded. To enable it to feed parts to both machining centers from a total of four supply stations, the robot is installed on the KL 1500-3 linear unit.

The connection to the digital world is established through the networking of all relevant components with each other and with the KUKA Cloud. This means that not just KUKA products are integrated into the SmartProduction environment, but also all other active components of the cell. The data are collected in the KUKA Connectivity Box and forwarded to the cloud.

Services such as authentication, data processing, predictive maintenance and evaluation of events are performed in the cloud. The interactive illustration below shows how all data from the machines, machining spindles, robots and tools are displayed in clearly structured dashboards. In this way, operators, maintenance personnel and management have a complete overview of the production process as well as full control – at any time and from any location.

KUKA Smart Production: Industrie 4.0 Smart Cell
  • SmartProduction View

    Heller Smart Cell Dashboard

    The SmartProduction dashboard gives an overview of connected assets and their real-time conditions. It shows the cell mode (producing, seek advise, stopped), the target and the produced units so far.

    The floor plan of the cell shows the location and status of each asset.

    The asset explorer helps to get an overview of the health status of all assets of the cell.

    The performance tile provides insights about the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) parameters and historical data. The OEE is calculated through quality, availability and performance.

  • Gripper

    Heller Smart Cell Tool Changer

    The status tile provides the health status and general information about your asset.

    The service life tile gives an overview about the services status and precise maintenance information for all grippers.

    The preventive maintenance tool counts the exact cycles for each gripper.

    The maintenance tool shows runtime services refering to the technical manual.

  • Brownfield Sensor Addition

    Heller Smart Cell Senseforge

    The status tile provides the health status and general information about your asset.

    The process configuration tile gives an overview of the temperature and critical parameters.

    The production influence tile helps to detect anomalies based on the temperature and timeframes. It can check what happened in the past.

    The condition monitoring shows parameters refering to the Heller machine.

  • Motor Spindle

    Heller Smart Cell Motor Spindle

    The status tile provides the health status and general information about your asset.

    The service life tile gives an overview about the services status and precise maintenance information for all the tools.

    The preventive maintenance tool counts the exact cycles for each tool.

    The maintenance tool shows runtime services refering to the technical manual.

  • Machining / Material Handling

    Heller Smart Cell Material Handling

    The status tile provides the health status and general information about your asset.

    The raw/finished parts tile gives an overview of the numbers of the raw and finished parts of each turntable.

    The floor plan of the cell shows the location and status of each turntable.

Configuration of the Industry 4.0 architecture

KUKA uses a modern, Industrie 4.0 architecture for networking the production cell with CNC machines from Heller. Simplified, this architecture can be regarded as comprising four layers: manufacturing components (systems), Edge Controller, IIoT platform and user interface.

Industrie 4.0 architecture

First layer – the manufacturing components

This layer consists of the real machines and sensors that are used in the production facility and networked with the cloud application. In the case of the “Heller cell”, these are machines from Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH, KUKA AG, Zimmer Group and altran Group.

Second layer – the Edge Controller

It serves as a reliable communications interface between the production cell and the IIoT platform. Firstly, KUKA’s Edge Controller is capable of plug-and-play communication with the systems using modern standard protocols, such as OPC/UA or MQTT. Secondly, the Edge Controller can also be used for interfacing brownfield systems, as it is capable of modular expansion with individual protocols.

Third layer – the industrial IoT platform

The KUKA IIoT platform offers a wide range of typical industrial IIoT applications and services. The applications include asset management, condition monitoring and preventive maintenance. The IIoT services are ready-to-use modules for IIoT solutions, such as manufacturing machine learning, manufacturing analytics/big data, rule engines, event management and the creation of a workflow.

Fourth layer – the ergonomic user interface

The end user can access the user interface by logging on in the web browser, making it easy for the user to work with the data. The Heller cell is accessed via an overview screen, and the user can then navigate to the individual systems. In addition to the overview of the system status, functions such as a shop floor plan and the KPIs of the individual production cells are offered here. The user interfaces can be adapted flexibly to specific customer requirements.

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