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Robotics and automation for small and medium-sized enterprises

Rohmann Automation GmbH has developed a robotic cell based on the KUKA KR AGILUS robot. It supports primarily small and medium-sized enterprises in sheet metal working applications.

Use of industrial robots pays off

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often reluctant when it comes to robotics and automation. “It often becomes evident in discussions that automation is indeed desired, but the companies are not aware of which processes a robot is capable of automating,” says Jascha Rohmann, Managing Director of Rohmann Automation GmbH.

But the reservations can often be overcome. After all, experience shows that using industrial robots pays off even for small and medium-sized enterprises. Rohmann Automation GmbH proves that with its robotic cell specifically tailored to this target group. A KUKA robot of the KR AGILUS series is the centerpiece of the application.  “We like the small robot because it is easy to integrate and also easy for the customer to operate,” explains Jascha Rohmann.

Precise work sequence in the robotic cell

The cell is designed to produce sheet metal parts for electric drive systems. This involves a monotonous, repetitive task still performed manually at many companies. The KR AGILUS picks up a sheet metal blank using a vacuum gripper. The robot then loads the blank into a servo press with millimeter accuracy, where automated bending of the parts is carried out. Finally, the robot sets down the machined part in the storage magazine. Loading and unloading of the robotic cell is also possible during the work process. This means that work can continue in the system without stopping the process. Safety is ensured by the KUKA.SafeOperation software.

Industriële automatisering
Processes can be easily automated with the KR AGILUS industrial robot.

The advantages of using industrial robots for small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Higher productivity
  • Producing at a consistently high quality level
  • Relieving personnel of repetitive tasks
  • Flexible use of robotics and automation

Robotics and automation increase productivity


“The solution increases productivity by about 40 percent,” according to Jascha Rohmann. This is in part due to the fact that two to three employees who previously carried out the bending process manually can be relieved of this monotonous work and used for other, less repetitive tasks.
Industriële automatisering
Compact robotic cell for small and medium-sized enterprises

It is important for small and medium-sized enterprises to make their own positive experiences with robotics and automation. That way they learn for themselves how customized solutions can be found. Companies that have been bold enough to deploy robots once, are then faster when it comes to automating further processes.

Jascha Rohmann, Managing Director of Rohmann Automation GmbH

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