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The first fully automatic robot band: Welcome to club_KUKA

Four KUKA robots optimally interacting with each other on stage: these are the “K-Jays”. They put their musical talent on display in the club_KUKA Show Cell. As with their colleagues in industrial environments, these robots are characterized by their precision, speed and sensitive touch.

15 October 2019

The robot show is characterized by speed, precision and sensitivity

The automation specialist has developed a unique show cell with club_KUKA. Here, four KUKA robots form a fully automatic robot band. “We first presented ‘club_KUKA’ to the public at EMO 2019 in Hanover,” says Daniel Wünsch, Project Manager for Application Development at KUKA. The robots’ performance features the same characteristics possessed by their colleagues in the production halls: speed, precision and sensitivity. The show cell offers the right conditions: a 98-inch monitor in the background, high-quality LED lighting elements and sound technology built into the front to ensure the best robot gig atmosphere.

Bringing the right beat: the KR CYBERTECH nano – a.k.a. “DJ Don”.

Four industrial robots form the fully automatic band

Four industrial robots are installed in the show cell: “Sticky”, a robot of the type KR 3 AGILUS, plays the electric drums. Working the turntables is “DJ Don”, a KR CYBERTECH nano. The sounds from both robots are accentuated by “Vite Vicky”, a KR AGILUS of type KR 6, through a light show. An LBR iiwa named “Lenny” records the action with a camera.

Four industrial robots are installed in the club_KUKA show cell.

The potential of the digital twin in the context of Industrie 4.0

“With the ‘K-Jays’, we want to present the capabilities of our robots in an entertaining way,” says Daniel Wünsch. At EMO in Hanover, the show cell also demonstrated the potential of the digital twin, which is gaining importance in Industrie 4.0. Thanks to the visualization of robot data, for example, the process parameters could be followed during the performance. As a result, it was possible to analyze whether and how the output of the robots varied. “Such analyses will play an ever greater role in the future,” says Daniel Wünsch.
The KR CYBERTECH nano operates the turntables with sensitivity and dexterity.

Cool moves, a good sound and technical precision – club_KUKA combines the latest in robot technology and high-quality entertainment.

Daniel Wünsch, Project Manager for Application Development at KUKA.