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Larger monitoring radius for increased safety in laser machining

In laser machining, new beam sources offer continuously improving beam quality which in turn leads to constantly increasing power. State-of-the-art safety technology – such as the TÜV-tested enclosures and improved monitoring sensors from KUKA Industries – is essential to ensure that the systems and their operators are not harmed in the event of a malfunction.

19 September 2016

The duration of exposure to the laser in the event of a malfunction is decisive for the safe enclosure of laser systems. Three test classes are distinguished. In the worst-case scenario (test class T1), the protective wall must withstand irradiation for 30,000 seconds. This corresponds to exposure to a 20 kilowatt laser for more than eight hours.
Front view of the KUKA LaserSpy
Through further development, the LaserSpy sensor allows a better protection
KUKA Industries has long offered a reliable solution for ensuring the safe enclosure of laser systems. The technology leader supplies the only TÜV-tested active laser safety sensor: the LaserSpy. Within milliseconds, the LaserSpy detects a beam malfunction and switches the beam source off before humans or equipment are endangered.

Larger safety area

Through further development, the LaserSpy sensor can now cover a larger monitoring range. Each sensor consists of multiple detectors in a circular arrangement around a kernel. Instead of the previous 2.5 meters, the sensors can now monitor a range of 3.5 meters in every direction. This makes laser cells even safer and offers significantly improved and more cost-effective design possibilities in cell construction (for example, the use of elements with large surface areas).

About the LaserSpy from KUKA Industries

The LaserSpy is an optical sensor which monitors the light-proof space inside a protective double-panel wall. If the inner panel is damaged, the highly sensitive LaserSpy sensor detects the beam entering the space between the panels, interrupts the safety circuit and automatically switches off the beam source via the Emergency Off circuit within milliseconds.
In this case he LaserSpy is built in a flexibleCUBE laser cell
The LaserSpy reliably monitors the laser cell

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