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Mobile robot application for small and medium-sized enterprises

Lenkering Montage- und Zerspanungstechnik GmbH (LMZ) has developed a versatile mobile robot application based on the KUKA KR AGILUS robot. The mobile robot solution is particularly popular for automation at small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wanted: Flexible and mobile robot applications

LMZ specializes in the construction of special-purpose machines and machining technology. LMZ supports its customers from the automotive, plastics and hygiene industries with robot-based automation. “Robotics is a topic that preoccupies many small and medium-sized enterprises. They would like to automate larger parts of their production using robots. Up to now, however, corresponding solutions have not been flexible and versatile enough,” says Dennis Lenkering, Managing Director of LMZ. This is why Lenkering and his team developed a cost-effective, versatile mobile robot application.

KR AGILUS on a mobile frame

The new mobile robot application consists of a KUKA robot of type KR 6 R900 from the KR AGILUS series. It is characterized by maximum repeatability and the highest precision. The KR AGILUS is installed on a mobile frame. This allows the flexible robot application to be maneuvered quickly and easily, even in confined spaces. During operation, for safety reasons, the application is surrounded by safety fence elements that can be dismantled without tools. In concrete terms, these are aluminum profiles made by the company item.

The flexible robot application consists of a KR AGILUS and a mobile frame.

Mobile robot application reduces downtimes

The mobile robot application offers numerous advantages: On the one hand, it is mobile and can be moved quickly from one workstation to the next. On the other hand, the KR AGILUS can be easily converted for various tasks without great effort. For handling various tools, the robot application is equipped with the KUKA software packages KUKA.LoadDataDetermination and KUKA.Gripper&SpotTech. “The various fields of activity reduce downtimes. As a result, there is a very fast return on investment,” explains Lenkering. The flexible robot application takes over pick & place activities as well as the assembly of components. Beyond this, the flexible robot-based application is designed for cooperation with machine tools.

Combined security and flexibility

The safety of employees is our top priority. The mobile robot application ensures robot safety and at the same time guarantees the greatest possible freedom for the robot. Because of the aluminum profiles, the working area remains small and the system as a whole can be dismantled quickly. “The dismantling of the frame, including the communication cables, and its reassembly takes just eight minutes. For other robot-based solutions, our customers need around 3.5 hours,” reports Lenkering while citing feedback from customers.

The versatile, mobile robot-based application is secured using aluminum profiles.

New ideas for automation

“Production is becoming ever faster and more flexible. With our solution, we are sure that we have provided a suitable answer to this challenge,” says Dennis Lenkering, who, together with his company LMZ, has been a long-standing partner in the item pluspartner expert network. The enormous time savings, in particular, are a key unique selling point of the new development. In a minimum of time, it is possible to convert the flexible robot application for a different product. This enables the robot to be used more frequently and for customers to benefit from higher quality and process reliability. As a result, the robot rarely takes up valuable floor space.