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Assembly line work 4.0 – thanks to KUKA palletizing robot

A fully automatic palletizing system, in which a KR QUANTEC PA from KUKA stacks the boxes, ensures satisfaction at an Australian company for body care products. The palletizing robot supports employees efficiently and safely in the heavy physical work – and does so at a constant speed and without tiring. The system was installed by KUKA systems partner Scott.

KUKA palletizing cell stacks boxes fully automatically

Box by box, stack by stack: at an Australian body care products manufacturer, the stacking of production goods is performed by a fully automatic system implemented by KUKA systems partner Scott. The solution: In a double automation cell, a KUKA KR QUANTEC PA now stacks the large boxes one after the other on the assembly line.The customer not only benefits from the high reliability and efficiency, but also increases the safety of the employees by using the robot for stacking.

Fully automatic stacking with palletizing cell

Separated from the factory workers by a safety fence, the palletizer takes one box after the other from the conveyor system and stacks them in a specific pattern on the waiting pallet. Once the pallet is fully stacked, the safeguard at the rear of the palletizing system is raised so that the operator can remove the finished stack. In the meantime, the robot continues stacking in the adjacent second cell. Thanks to the intelligent double cell system, the production line is not interrupted at all, and the implemented safety systems allow the warehouse staff to access the cell when it is not in use.
The robot picks uses a suction cup gripper to pick the packages up and place them on the pallet

Reliable partner for robots and palletizing systems

KUKA has been a long-time partner for the robot integrator Scott. One reason for this: the quick global availability of the robots. Scott took delivery of the completed palletizing cell just 14 weeks after the initial contact. “The flexibility of KUKA’s approach and their speed in processing this project was a key factor in choosing KUKA as our robotics partner,” says Simon Parker, Scott Industrial Automation Sales Manager. The machine selected by KUKA allowed Scott to supply the customer a compact palletizing cell with both a simple design and high cost-effectiveness.
The KR QUANTEC in its new work environment

KR QUANTEC offers versatility in stacking

The KR QUANTEC PA from KUKA is the optimal solution for the fully automated end-of-line palletizing and stacking application. The customer was looking for a means of fully automating the manual stacking process and reducing labor costs while simultaneously increasing employee safety. “The customer needed a compact robotic palletizing system that could be implemented quickly and with very little effect on the existing production lines. The key was a palletizing cell which would allow the stacked pallets to be removed without stopping production,” states Simon Parker. Scott developed a flexible automation solution that not only stacks different boxes fully automatically, but also allows safe access to the palletizing cell to remove stacked pallets without interrupting the process.
The palletizing robot in its cell

Palletizing system from KUKA as a cost-saving solution

Scott was also able to meet another customer requirement: a modular palletizing system that takes up only a small amount of space in the production hall. Thanks to the compact footprint, streamlined base frame and minimal disruptive contour of the KR QUANTEC PA, the palletizing cell takes up very little space in the production facility – the high work output is nevertheless impressive: The KUKA robot can stack up to 30 different boxes per minute with a maximum stack height of 2.40 meters. 

Full productivity with no breaks

The automated palletizing also ensures that the boxes stacked on top of each other are positioned evenly to avoid products falling off or pallets being loaded lopsided. Furthermore, the palletizing cell operates at a constant speed, without a break or interruption. The customer is highly satisfied with this system offered by Scott and KUKA. The requirements – lower production costs, reliable handling of different stacked boxes and greater safety for employees – were met in full.

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