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Automated painting and coating

The automation of painting processes offers many advantages, from increased cost efficiency and quality to greater flexibility. Set yourself apart from your competitors and remain profitable at all times. 

Perfect finish with KUKA painting robots

Safety and efficiency guaranteed during painting

KUKA painting robots impress with their intelligence, precision and speed and can be used for an extensive range of parts in a wide variety of different industries. The robots are optimized for the painting process with water-soluble paint applications and for powder applications. Explosions often occur when spraying with flammable aerosols, such as gases and mists; this can seriously impact production. Our painting robots are based on state-of-the-art technology, making the robot systems explosion-proof and ATEX compliant according to 3G/3B. They are continuously purged with air internally to prevent the accumulation of gas. This ensures maximum safety in your painting facility, avoiding deflagration or accumulation of toxic paint gases.

Flexible painting robots – ready for any painting task

Dürr and KUKA expertise combined in a single solution: cost-effective robotics for general industry. Areas of application include the painting of wood, plastics, glass and metal.

Industry-leading painting quality, especially for painting small workpieces and complex geometries

For the optimal painting process, we offer KR AGILUS industrial robots, which excel with high axis speed, extreme maneuverability in confined spaces, and short cycle times. The motions of the robot arm are extremely precise and smooth. Despite their compact design, the KR AGILUS EX explosion-proof industrial robots have payload capacities of 6 kg and 10 kg, and are capable of carrying a wide range of different paint guns. The robot reach of up to 1101.1 mm enables versatile use in a variety of industries.

Automated high-gloss painting – the advantages

Explosion-proof and ATEX-compliant

KUKA painting robots comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34 and are 3G/3D compliant, making them ideal for use in zones 2 and 22. Robots comply with protection classification Ex II, thus ensuring safety in your production facility.

Less paint required 

Automation of painting processes can reduce the consumption of coating products by up to 30% thanks to the utmost precision of the industrial robots.

Uniform paint application, reproducible results

Precise and smooth motions of the spray gun and consistent quality guaranteed by repeatability of 0.03 mm.

Efficient drive

The internal motors can be optimally pressurized with sealing air, ensuring wear-free coating and a reduction in paint and dirt ingress.

Operations safeguarded despite shortage of skilled workers

Safeguarding of production through use of robots to take over tedious and monotonous tasks.

Cycle time optimization in series painting

KUKA painting robots achieve maximum repeatability in continuous operation and are optimized for highly manual processes, such as series painting.

Health protection for employees

Employees only have to supervise the robots and are no longer exposed to toxic gases.


Use of a wide range of different paint spray guns and accessories from your preferred manufacturers.

Robots for an optimal painting process: Technical data

KR AGILUS KR 6 R900 EX KR 10 R1100 EX
Payload 6 kg 10 kg
Reach max. 901.5 mm max. 1101.5 mm
Design Standard Standard
Environment Explosion-proof Explosion-proof
Installation position Floor / ceiling / wall / any angle Floor / ceiling / wall / any angle
Protection rating IP 67 IP 65 / IP 67
Controller KR C5 micro/ KR C4 compact KR C5 micro/ KR C4 compact
Data sheet PDF PDF
Even under extreme conditions, the explosion-proof painting robots of the KR AGILUS series work with the utmost precision. The flexibility to adopt any installation position ensures optimal adaptability to different painting environments.

Automated painting systems

Painting of vehicle bodies and car components. 

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