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Pick and place

We can help you integrate an automated pick-and-place system that is perfectly suited to your needs. Whether loading and unloading machines, sorting, packing or handling food: our pick-and-place robots set the pace.

What is pick and place by KUKA?

Within easy reach: intelligent solutions from a single source

Picking up workpieces, positioning them and setting them down – pick and place is one of the most common applications in manufacturing. One that takes place in virtually every process. The variety of robotic tasks is therefore great, as is the automation potential existing in the field of pick and place. Flexible industrial robots from KUKA with payloads of up to 10 kg take on these often monotonous and repetitive tasks with top precision and maximum speed. Our software solutions are designed to meet the special requirements of pick and place: they coordinate and synchronize, for example, the gripping and packing of up to 2,000 parts per minute by multiple robots in a line. This further increases productivity. Processes automated in this way not only save money, they also shorten production time. We configure your individual application and together we master the challenges of numerous industries

  • Pick & place robotics

    • High-speed robots and cobots with payloads up to 10 kg
    • Robots for special safety and hygiene requirements (Hygienic Machine, Hygienic Oil)
    • Support for monotonous, repetitive tasks
    • Easy to integrate
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  • Pick & place software

    • 2D and 3D image processing
    • Object recognition, even in unstructured environments
    • Coordinates and synchronizes multiple robots of a line
    • Easy programming of conveyor applications
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  • Pick & place knowledge

    • Feasibility studies in many KUKA TechCenters
    • Support by Customer Service worldwide
    • Years of know-how pave the way to Industrie 4.0
    • Automation of the entire process line possible
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Packaging of syringes without a break: high-end solution based on 3D simulation

Automatic syringe handling relieves staff and provides effective solutions in pandemic times.

Pick-and-place robots from KUKA perfectly designed for any manufacturing scenario

Industrial robots for pick and place are in great demand. They provide assistance where processes are constantly repeated and ergonomic conditions are unfavorable for employees. This includes the automotive industry, the electronics sector, and the food and pharmaceutical industries, which place particularly high demands on hygiene and safety. With robots in the Hygienic Oil (HO) and Hygienic Machine (HM) versions, KUKA supplies an unrivaled portfolio in each case. Fast, robust, flexible and enormously space-saving: discover all the advantages of our pick & place robots and take your pick!


Powerful duo: robot and software for your pick-and-place task

Automated picking and packing of unsorted parts at multiple assembly lines and conveyor belts – KUKA.PickControl makes it possible

KUKA software with image processing for pick & place

Fast industrial robots, powerful software options: at KUKA, we take a holistic approach, intermeshing all aspects necessary for automation. The requirements to be met by image processing-controlled robot arms are high. The robot must be able to distinguish between different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Even slight anomalies in the products make it difficult to sort them. Intelligent image processing technologies identify and transmit, among other things, the position of the product on the conveyor to the robot. It uses this information to pick up the item and place it in its packing. KUKA brings products, conveyor speed and robot speed into perfect harmony.


3D simulation enables fast start-up of your pick-and-place application: 

KUKA.Sim simulation software

KUKA pick and place: the information advantage

With KUKA, you profit from a unique range of consultancy and support services of the highest quality. Our hotline is there for you around the clock, as is our wide range of digital services. Training your employees at our Colleges is just as much a part of our good service as consulting and support in the KUKA TechCenters worldwide. We are your partner for the entire process chain and the complete product life cycle

Would you like to integrate pick and place into your production?

KUKA supports you in every step of your automation with the aim of enhancing the success of your business. For maximum throughput and low cycle times, from SCARA robots and DELTA robots to LBR iisy cobots: we will be happy to advise you.
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