KUKA cell4_loading modular

The automated handling cell offers an extremely economical solution for the loading and unloading of machine tools.

Flexible loading cell with modular concept allows a high degree of individualization 

The KUKA loading/unloading cell is quickly available and, thanks to numerous hardware and software options, can be easily configured into a customized solution in the field of loading/unloading. The robotic cell can load, for example, CNC machines, friction welding machines, measuring machines or injection molding machines, and is therefore particularly suitable for customers in the automotive, Tier 1 and general industry sectors.

Machine loading exactly as required in scalable robot cell

  • Simple extension

    Thanks to the modular design, the cell can be easily expanded with additional components

  • Individual grippers

    Prepared for the customer's gripper fingers and individually developed for each cell 

  • Easy control

    Uniform visualization via KUKA.HMI for simplified operation on each operating device

Robot cell for loading and unloading of machine tools

The automated handling cell consists of a KUKA robot with gripper (KR QUANTEC), an automatic rotary table for supplying the raw parts and removing the finished parts, a drawer for measuring parts (SPC) and a drawer for reject parts. A protective enclosure secures the cell against unauthorized access.

Standard configuration :  
Cell type cell4_loading modular KP1A single KR 
Length 8.200 mm 7.200 mm
Width 5.000 mm
Height 3.420 mm
Robot KR QUANTEC (KR 210 R3100)
- Payload per side 
- Usable area per side
KP1-MB 2000
750 kg
2.000 x 800 mm
- Payload 
- Usable area             
2 pieces NOK and SPC-parts 
200 kg
1.400 x 500 mm
Cell controller
Siemens S7 series 1500
Insertion area Light barrier with back step protection  Roller gate with back step protection 

Option packages for KUKA cell4_loading modular:

Depending on the requirements of the CNC machine automation, different option packages can be selected:
  • Read DMC (camera)
  • Writing DMC (needles, scribe embossing)
  • DMC read / write (laser)
  • Extended KUKA application software packages:
    • KUKA.ProcessScreen for monitoring and documentation of the process parameters (on request)
  • Operation and visualization with KUKA.HMI Advanced (on request)
Example of a customized handling cell with two accumulating conveyors, a slat-band chain conveyor and removal option for reject containers

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