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Faster, stronger, more versatile: KR SCARA now also available with a payload of 12 kilograms and for cleanrooms

The KR SCARA series is being expanded by seven new versions in the payload class up to 12 kilograms. Many industries are waiting for the high-performance newcomers. The success of electromobility and the promotion of renewable energies have recently boosted the demand for Scara robots in higher payload classes with more reach. To meet this demand, KUKA developed four standard and three cleanroom versions of the KR SCARA that can move up to 12 kilograms. They can be ordered immediately and will be delivered for the first time towards the end of the year.

7 September 2022

Stronger robot arms especially needed

Scara robots which cover the payload class up to 12 kilograms are currently in use primarily in Asia. However, demand is also increasing in other regions of the world. Whether in battery stacking for electromobility, for companies which produce photovoltaic plants, in assembly in the electronics industry or packaging medicine: scara robots with their four axis are versatile in automation and performing pick-and-place. They assume monotonous tasks with the highest precision. KUKA’s new KR SCARA versions are awaited by many, because they offer the same advantages of the KR SCARA series in the higher payload class: the shortest cycle times, high repeatability and a compact design.

KUKA robots with the highest speed

Both the standard and the cleanroom robots in the payload class up to 12 kilograms are available in three different reaches: in 650, 750 and 850 millimeters. The standard models also impress with the best cycle times, from just 0.40 to a maximum of 0.42 seconds. The cleanroom versions also focus on speed and achieve cycle times of just 0.42 to 0.44 seconds. In order to be able to perform special packaging or bin-picking tasks, this scara robot with a reach of 750 millimeters is also available in the Z600 variant with an extra-long Z axis. This measures a record-breaking 600 millimeters, 200 mil-limeters more than that of all other KR SCARA robots in the payload class up to 12 kilograms.

Benchmarking in the laboratory showed that the new pick-and-place scara robot by KUKA is at the forefront of its robot class in many areas. Most notable are the breadth of our portfolio and our cycle times. For circular accuracy, we even achieved the best values in the entire test series.

Kenny Li, Product Manager at KUKA

Suitable for use in the cleanroom

The position repeatability is ± 0.025 millimeters - maximum precision even with rapid movements. The fact that the new versions of the KR SCARA run perfectly at temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees celsius and weigh only 50 kilograms enables their use in very different production environments. Because the cable routing runs inside, the new versions of the series are extremely compact and easy to clean. The standard versions comply with protection class IP20, the cleanroom versions with protection class IP54 and cleanroom class ISO 5.

Learn more about the KR SCARA robot family

Whether for pick-and-place applications, small parts assembly in cleanrooms, handling, or inspection, the scara series four-axis robots are flexible in installation, deliver high precision in motion, and are low-key in maintenance. Get more information about the robot family here. 

Complete set for intelligent automation

It's not just the industrial robot that matters, but also the controller, handheld pendant and software. The KR C5 micro small robot controller, our software and the KUKA smartPAD ensure that the new models with payloads of up to 12 kilograms are easy to operate.

New scara model by KUKA

Certified to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 standards for high demands on safety in almost any application, all versions with payloads of up to 12 kilograms can be ordered now. From the end of the year, they will start work in companies around the globe.