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Get spare parts at a heavily discounted price during our online discount promotion from 22 to 29 November in the KUKA Marketplace. Discount is also granted on repair and exchange parts.

6% discount on spare parts when ordered online
Monday 22 to Monday 29 November 2021

During ORANGE WEEK, my.KUKA portal users get an instant discount* and can buy spare parts online directly from KUKA Marketplace. New customers only need a my.KUKA registration**.

*Discount cannot be combined with other discounts and prices that have already been reduced or individually negotiated in advance.
**After successful registration with my.KUKA, the verification of your user account may take up to 24 hours.
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 Order spare parts directly from the Marketplace

Get your 6 % discount now!

Directly after your successful registration you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process serves the security of your individual login and can take a few days.

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